Corner Computer Desk Ci Cherry, Great for the price in my opinion

The week ago. I search for information on the Corner Computer Desk Cinnamon Cherry, so i have to tell.

Corner Computer Desk Cinnamon Cherry

Formed corner design saves spaceLarge drawer/shelf has flip-down panel for keyboard or laptopOpen storage shelves. Read more or Check Price

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Comments from other users

Good fit for the available space that we. Easily assembled with instructions. All parts have been included. by Larry P.

The directions are the best I've ever seen. Even the parts are packaged and labeled. It is not the strongest of desks but performs its function . by Watchman

Easy to put together. The size is perfect for my use. "Like the color tho I would just call dark brown - I do not notice the "cherry " so""Come il colore tho vorrei solo chiamare marrone scuro - non mi accorgo del "cherry " tanto""""""it""Like the color"1truefalse657030"tho"2truefalse658340"I would just"3truefalse657470"call"4truefalse657780"dark brown"5truefalse6578100"-"6truefalse65810110"I do not notice"7truefalse65811150"the"8truefalse65815160""cherry"9truefalse46116180"" so"10falsefalse31918200"Come il colore"1"Like the color"657truefalse"As the color"0truefalse"How color"0truefalse"Such as color"0truefalse"Like color"0truefalse014"Come il colore tho vorrei solo chiamare marrone scuro - non mi accorgo del "cherry " tanto""tho"2"tho"658truefalse"tho it"0truefalse1518"""vorrei solo"3"I would just"657truefalse"I would only"0truefalse"I would just like"0truefalse"I just wish"0truefalse"let me just"0truefalse1930"""chiamare"4"call"657truefalse"to call"0truefalse"calling"0truefalse"called"0truefalse"name"0truefalse3139"""marrone scuro"5"dark brown"657truefalse"brown"0truefalse4053"""--"6"-"658truefalse5455"""non mi accorgo"7"I do not notice"658truefalse"I do not realize"0truefalse"do not notice"0truefalse5670"""del"8"the"658truefalse"of"0truefalse"of the"0truefalse"in the"0truefalse7174"""" cherry"9""cherry"461truefalse7582"""" tanto"10"" so"319falsefalse8390"""Come il colore t'ho vorrei solo chiamare marrone scuro - non mi accorgo del "cherry " tanto"6"it"86. by Sonya Andreae

Fairly easy to install ( 2 ) people. The finish is exactly as the photo shows very robust hardware. What a great product . by dona davis

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